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Apartment Address

By Brissago4U

Condominium "Casa Fortuna"
Via Valmara 10, Apartment 6 

6614 Brissago


Brissago - Entrance - Casa Fortuna - IMG

"Casa Fortuna" Main Entrance

The Brissago4U apartment building is reachable by car, bus (or boat to Brissago center then walk 10 min).

From the two parking area the apartment can be reached via two entrances:

  • the main building entrance can be reached via ~25 stairs 

  • the back entrance via a small pathway, no stairs up to the apartment.

Both ways are marked with light blue in the map below.

Brissago - Access Building.jpg

Overview Map

Bus Locarno Brissago.JPG

Arriving by Bus


Click here to get it in Google maps:

The local bus company is called FART. The current bus  line number is Line 316  (as per Sept 2020) and is covered by GA (SBB abonnement)

The official bus timetable:

You could check for a connection timetable (train/bus).

The bus is coming via a loop into the Ascona village. The ride takes about 25minutes. You can buy tickets online or directly from the bus driver.

  • The arrival bus station in BrissagoPiazza Del Sole (North side of the road) - then you need to walk for 4-6 minutes

The bus station is very close to a gas station with a convenience store in case you need to buy food. From there you have to walk on the main road (via Valmara) towards Italy, cross the bridge,  and at the old stone church cross the road and take the sharply the left street, arrive at the parking place then on the left side go upwards the stairs. At the first possible turn to the left exit the stairs, pass in front of an older house and you arrive at Casa Fortuna.

  • Departure bus stationPiazza Del Sole - (South part of the road) from the apartment you have to walk 3-4 minutes

The bus station is in front of Lido Brissago, basically, just exist the building on the main entrance, go down the stairs to the main road, cross the street towards the church and turned left (toward Locarno). Walk 250m to the Lido Brissago at the bus station.

Bus Pathway towards Brissago

Arriving by Boat

From Locarno, you can take the boat from Locarno into Brissago public boat stop, at the promenade.

  • You need to walk towards Italy for about 10-15 minutes to the apartment from Brissago's public boat station.

  • More info and public boat schedule check

HINT: If you have GA SBB abonnement, the boat is included since 2020.

Arriving by Car


Casa Fortuna - Map Arrival Parking 1.jpg

Put in the GPS: via Valmara 10, Brissago, Switzerland.

Google map to main parking (P1):


GPS Coordinates: 46°06'44.7"N 8°42'16.7"E   (46.112421, 8.704641)


  • From Locarno, stay always on the most left lane, you have to enter the Ascona tunnel, continue the curving road where you have to pay attention at incoming traffic, pass by Porto Ronco, then enter Brissago, pass the center and Casa Comunale. Keep going towards Italy, after the Dannemann Cigar factory, cross the bridge, and at the church turn sharply to the right on via Costa di Fuori, just across from the church and gas station. Then immediately in 5 meters turn sharply to the left and drive up the curving road to the parking P1, just above the main road.

  • From Italy, you come into Cannobio, cross the border and we are the first road to the North (left turn), then immediately turn sharply again left,  then drive up the curving road to the parking P1, just above the main road.



The building has two public parking very close by:

  • Parking P1 is an hourly/daily/weekly based parking, Parking is free 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-08:00, on Sundays and public holidays. (see details below)

  • Parking P2 is a blue zone parking with free parking one hour after your arrival. (with arrival blue disk put in the dashboard)



Parking and access into the building from parking P1 or P2


Access Casa Fortuna -  Access Maps.jpg

Long-term Parking P1

GoogleMap to Parking P1:

GPS Coordinates: 46°06'44.7"N 8°42'16.7"E   (46.112421, 8.704641)


  • Normally one-hour parking does cost 0.50 CHF or 4.50 per day. You can pay via the iOS or Android apps that are listed on the parking automat. The zone codes are listed on-premise. Always verify all parking details directly in the parking lot

  • You can pay cash or with “ParkingPay”  mobile phone app (info available on-premise).
    More info:

  • The parking meter is near the entrance in the parking (North-West corner of the parking).

  • Note: Parking is free 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-08:00,  on Sundays and public holidays.

  • You can also inquiry long-term parking permit (weekly ~50-60CHF) at Casa Comunale (City Hall) at the Brissago center.

Short-term Parking P2

GoogleMaps link to Parking P2:

GPS Address: Via Costa di Fuori 2, 6614 Brissago
GPS Coordinates:  46°06'48.0"N 8°42'16.6"E (46.113336, 8.704617)

  • Set the time when parked using a blue parking disk or at least write on a piece of paper until you get from any tank station a blue parking disk. Put it in the car dashboard. On current conditions, you can park max 2 free hours (check always latest conditions, they may change). 

  •  Blue disc parking is a system of allowing time-restricted free parking through the display of a parking disc or clock disc showing the time at which the vehicle was parked. 

  • More about disk parking in Switzerland:

Other Parkings

GPS Adress: Lido Beach Brissago,  Via Valmara 1, 6614 Brissago

Google map direct link:

You may park at Lido or across from Lido in the blue zone (disk parking) as well.


The Building Access


The building has two entrances, one in the front and one on the back.


Main Entrance Access - Front Entrance 

  • From parking P1, climb the stairs situated near the parking machine (in the northwest corner of the parking).

  • Climb the stairs and turn left at the first chance

  • Take the first way to the left, and go towards the entrance into Casa Fortuna, our building.

  • Take the lift to the second floor and enter the door to le left and go to the last apartment (nr 6- the second entrance – last one)

Access Casa Fortuna -  Access Maps.jpg

Access Map to the building main and back entrance

Access Casa Fortuna -  GoogleMaps Pictur

Turn right at the church and immediate climb the street on the left to Parking P1

Main Entrance - Casa Fortuna

Back Entrance



From Parking 2- Blue Zone Parking: the entrance is on the small pathway across the bridge. See the access map above. Go about 100m on that pathway, go under the pink building, then descent to the right over a small bridge at the back entrance of the building. This pathway has no stairs at all. You arrive at the back entrance on the second floor directly, the proper floor. Turn to the right inside the building and go to the last door, apartment 6. 

This side parking - “blue zone” – offers two hours after arrival free parking with a dashboard blue parking card – if you do not have one please write arrival time on a piece of paper until you get one in a tank station.


Tip: To reach the parking you can use GPS Address:  2 Via Costa di Fuori, Brissago, Ticino

Walk on the small pathway between the buildings

Back entrance - IMG_20200610_131219.jpg

Walk the ramp towards back entrance (no stairs, wheelchair safe)

Building Access
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