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Monti di Ronco: Make your own BBQ, enjoy the playground and eat at Grotto Ginestra

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This trip is not far away from Brissago and gives you access to a public parking an park with a BBQ place, kids playground, free small swimminpool with toilettes, nice views over Lago Maggiore and Ascona, a nice paved road for a easy walk.

GPS: Spielplatz mit Schwimmbad (Playground with swimmingpool) Colle S. Marco 6, 6622 Ronco sopra Ascona

The first stop will be a public park with a built-in BBQ place with a playground and a nice swimming pool with views towards Ascona and Lago Maggiore.

Ronco sopra Ascona-View from the playground

Ronco sopra Ascona-Free BBQ place with table with lake view and free swimmingpool

On the way to the playground place, you can stop and see the idyllic stone house presented in the picture below. This house is one of our favourites in this area.

Idylli stone house address: Via Gottardo Madonna 15, 6622 Ronco sopra Ascona (you may have to walk a bit if the road is not open for public)

Google Map to the house below:

Ronco sopra Ascona - Pastoral stone house

The driving is about 8.7 km long and should take about 15 minutes. The road is well maintained, it has great views and has a few narrow passages, so drive with care.

Driving from Brissago to the playground in Ronco sopra Ascona (8km)

On the way you will be able to see very nice houses an villas in Ronco Sopra Ascona.

Ronco sopra Ascona's "chateau"

Ronco sopra Ascona's modern estate

Ronco sopra Ascona's lake view


We do recommend you to drive for another 4.5 km uphill the mountain (Monti di Ronco).

Stop and eat at a local Ticino "authentic" restaurant called "Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi, with an amazing view over Ascona and Lago Maggiore.

Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi Address: Monti di Ronco, 6622 Ronco sopra Ascona

Reservation Phone: 079 233 83 52

Note: The place may not be open every day, please book a by phone in advance.

Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi and their house-rose wine

Driving map from Brissago to Ronco Sopra Ascona then Grotto Ginestra (12.5km)

Map for Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi

Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi, Monti di Ronco

Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi, Monti di Ronco

Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi, Monti di Ronco

Polenta with gorgonzola cheeze at Grotto la Ginestra da Ghilardi, Monti di Ronco


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