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Relax on our shared rooftop at Brissago4U apartment

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Our building, Casa Fortuna, has a large rooftop area with pergola, shared granite eating table, bathroom and shower, lounge beds, umbrella etc.

Note: Since spring 2022 open fire BBQ it is available only for appartment owners.

Access: Just go with the elevator to the 6th floor. Get out on the large rooftop with direct lake Maggiore view.

In the area closed to the door, you will have a pergola/shed with a granite table for 6 people, a large area to open sun lounge chairs or beds. Nearby you have full bathrroom with a sink and toilet. A water hose is available to to spray water in very warm days.

There is also a storage room for lounge chairs - individually owned and shared items like, alu chairs with cushions, sun umbrellas that can be mount in the already available placeholders, sit-bank cushions for the granite table.

Tip: Look for number 6 (uppel level) and you will find our two aluminum sun beds. In the Brissago4U apartment in the first beroom after the entrance you'll find thick cushions for them.

If you turn to the second area of the rooftop you will find plenty of space for sun-bathing and a newly renovated shower with warm/cold water.

Please put all the used equipment back after you are using it.

Tip - Reservation Table: Use this facility at your discretion, usually is not crowded at all. It is advisable to book the table by writing your name, apartment number and date/time when you plan to use it in order for other people to plan their rooftop stay/eating.

Brissago4U Rooftop srelaxation with great view, BBQ and dining area
Brissago4U Rooftop relaxation with great view and dining area, shower/bath
Brissago4U - Relax on the rooftop
Brissago4U - Relax on the rooftop
BBQ and dining area
Granite table for dining

BBQ and dining area
Brissago4U common rooftop area
Brissago4U common rooftop area

In the first bedroom to the right in our apartment you have lounge cushions for the new aluminum beds.

Lounge cushions
Lounge cushions are in the apartment's first bedroom

Umbrellas and patio furniture/cushions for common usage
Umbrellas and patio furniture/cushions for common usage


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