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(cancelled)Brissago: Visit cigar manufacturing, take a tour or attend an event at Centro Danennmann

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

In the fall of 2020 the Dannenman had announced that they stop any official visit in Centro Dannemen.

Stuated in Brissago, the Centro Danennmann is a modern event location situated in a traditional cigar manufacturing facility on the banks of Lake Maggiore.

Many oldtimer, food, concerts and dace live events, weddings and corporate events are organized in this well located center, 2 minute walking from our property (300m).

The Dannemann cigar manufacturing (one an well known cigarillos is Sweets) offers guided tour of their facility, including the opportunity to plant a tree in Brazil that you get the GPS coordinates for and will have your name on it :-). You can see demo of cigar rolling and much more.

The Grotto with its lake view can provide fantastic experience. The palm garden allows you to stroll directly by the lake.

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