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Hike to the Ponte Romano (Roman bridge), then visit the Bordei village on Centovalli valley

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The drive: From Brissago to Ponto Romano the drive is about 18 km and takes around 30 minutes.

To drive to Ponte Romano use these the GPS coordinates: 46°10'28.9"N 8°41'33.5"E (closest town is Intragna, Switzerland)

There are two main driving possibilities, as shown in the driving map:

  • Option1. (easy/faster drive) From Brissago, Porto-Ronco via lake side road through the Ascona tunnel, then Losone, pass Intragna an go on Centovalli valley.

  • Option 2. (pitoresque drive -via higher mountains roads) From Brissago to Porto-Ronco, then Ronco sopra Ascona, Losone, then pass Intragna and go on Centovalli (more details are presented below)

Drive into Intragna, go up the hill, pass the train rail track, go towards Italian border on Centovalli, exit Intragna via a small stone bridge, pass the "Grotto du Rii"grotto restaurant , then stop in a few hundreds of meters at the first small parkings on the right/left side of the road. Unfortunately, the place is not well marked.

The Ponte Romano parking coordinates: 46°10'28.9"N 8°41'33.5"E (Intragna, Switzerland)

The Bridge cordinates: 46°10'21.5"N 8°41'24.1"E (Intragna, Switzerland)

About the "Ponte Romano" Bridge

The stone Roman bridge (26 meters high) was built in 1578 by the Beretta brothers from Brissago and it is in kept in a very good condition. In the summer it is a nice place to swimm under the bridge.

Extra driving details: use a more scenic path via Ronco Sopra Ascona (go at the main church and see the beautiful view toward Brissago islands), pass through Arcegno (visit the old village), then descent on curving road towards Losone, then continue towards Intragna and climb towards center and pass through the village towards the village of Corcapolo or Dogana (Zoll - Italian Border), Borgone.

The Centovalli drive

Bridge access: You can access this amazing bridge via ancient mule path that descend via stairs down from the parking area.

Duration: 10-15 Minutes down and 15-20 Minutes back

Difficulty: be able to walk back and forth stone paved road with stairs

The Bridge Tips:

  • Before entering the bridge go to the right path and look back to see well the arch and the water .

  • You can push a bit more (not a well maintained path) and descent to the river.

Recommended stops:

Stop1: Ronco Sopra Ascona

Address: Via Ronco 1, 6622 Ronco sopra AsconaPark close to the church San Martino Chiesa at

Walk the main Ronco sopra Ascona's church, San Martino Chiesa, go behing the chuch, enjoy the beautiful view toward Brissago islands

Very close to the church San Martino (2 min walk), on the otgher side of the parking there is Hotel Ronco. Have a drink or meal on the beautiful garden ovelooking the lake.

Address: Via Madonna Gottardo 1, 6622 Ronco sopra Ascona

Stop2: Arcegno

Walk the streets of this nice village.


After the Ponte Romano drive to Bordei Village

Driving from Brissago to Bordei

Go first to the Lago di Palagnedra, climb the windling road towards Palagnedra village, pass through the center, then go to Bordei village on a small road. The drive is very scenic, roads are narrow.

Driving from Palagnedra to Bordei

Palagnedra village

Driving from Palagnedra to Bordei with view towards Gridone mountain

Entering the car free Bordei village

The care free Bordei village is a quite remote place, just on the other side of mount Gridone from Brissago. You can park at the village entry parking. The village it is left untouched much by new technology and has its own charm.

Bordei village

Bordei village center

Strolling around Bordei village

HINT: Make a stop and eat at Osteria Bordei


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